The Urban Design Alliance Queensland is an incorporated association, formed from a broad collective of design professions [architecture, planning, landscape architecture] and other related groups.

Our objectives are to foster, educate and improve awareness of the built environment, while promoting the highest standard of urban design in our cities.

The Alliance assists professionals, decision makers and the community achieve sustainable outcomes for public places and spaces, by providing advice, support and advocacy across a range of project types, policy platforms and issues related to the design and planning of our cities and regions.

Key services to our members, patrons and the community:​






Brisbane Conversations is a free public forum hosted by UDAL to explore some of the pressing challenges confronting cities around the world. Underpinning each Conversation is a global lens of sustainability [social, environmental and economic].


The aim of these conversations is to better understand the causes of things, in order to effect positive change in our cities, especially with regard to widening disadvantage and social exclusion.

#7  The potent legacy of the Olympic Games

          – for people, place, art, design and culture

UDAL is holding a double event on City Planning and the hosting of the Olympic Games. These are intended to share lessons from other cities that have hosted the Olympic Games, to provide an update on Brisbane’s own preparations for the Games to be potentially held here in 2032, and to generate new ideas and prospective projects as part of a ‘legacy’ of design, regeneration and place-making.

Over the big-ticket items like roads, rail, sporting venues and the Olympic Village, UDAL argues that such a major investment like hosting the Olympic Games should further enhance the quality of life and social integration for all people, through placemaking, art, design and culture – thus leaving a lifelong legacy to our city.

The first event is a Brisbane Conversation, on Wednesday 21 July 2021, with invited expert speakers leading the conversation with the good examples that may be drawn from other Olympic cities.

The second, on Thursday 22 July 2021, is a half-day design charrette exploring measures to improve Brisbane as a confident, convivial, well-designed and culturally rounded city: the economy, culture, design and social life of good cities.

Wednesday 21 July 5:30PM - 8:00PM. 

Artisan 45 King Street, Bowen Hills. QLD.




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Independent expert advice on specific projects, policy or industry issues


Recognition of lifetime advocates for urban design – ‘Hall of Fame’


Regular forums and discussions on key issues affecting and influencing the design and planning of our cities and towns


UDAL register of Urban design practitioners in Queensland 


Facilitation of tailored urban design workshops and short courses for PD credit


Mentoring of built environment professionals


A new urban design awards programme showcasing current best practice in Australia


Networking opportunities at regular social events.

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